27 Elegant Save The Date Magnets For Your Wedding

Save the date magnet next to an addressed envelope on marble background

Elegance is a subjective term. Ask five people what makes wedding stationery elegant and you’ll likely get five different answers. The official definition includes words like refined grace and dignified propriety, while other experts equate elegance with being tasteful and urbane.

We’ve put together a list of elegant save the date magnets that includes at least one style that suits every type of elegance. From modern refinement to tastefully vintage motifs, these options will help you get your much-needed message across to potential guests while also honoring your preferred aesthetic.

1. Happening!

Happening! | Save the Date Magnets

It’s happening! You’re finally getting married, and this elegant Save the Date Magnet shares the news with undeniable style. Happening! has a fairly simple layout with room for two photos and your names in pretty script. Perfect for minimalists who prefer their wedding stationery with some classic charm.

2. Etched Elegance

Etched Elegance | Save the Date Magnets

Stenciled flowers and delicate golden framing make Etched Elegance an instant winner. Both the fonts and colors can be customized to suit your wedding-day aesthetic. Choose a magnet with rounded edges for an even softer, more romantic result.

3. Blushing Beauty

Blushing Beauty | Save the Date Magnets

Roses by any other name will smell just as sweet… or something like that. We might not be perfect with our Shakespearean prose, but we know an elegant save the date magnet when we see one, and Blushing Beauty is a true gem. The color-washed background is the perfect complement to bold lettering and the simplicity of the text-based details.

4. Floral Ring

Floral Ring | Save the Date Magnets

Like a gorgeous English garden springing to life, Floral Ring is an explosion of vibrant blooms all coming together to encircle your names, wedding date, and wedding day location. The elegance of those coveted flowers in lush shades of peach, plum, tangerine, and blush pink brings an overall feeling of grace and sophistication to the template without the least bit of stuffiness.

5. Subtle Wreath

Subtle Wreath | Save the Date Magnets

Subtle Wealth is the epitome of minimalist elegance thanks to a simple solid background, two stripes for emphasis, and an expertly executed pairing of contrasting fonts that showcase modern romance. Switch out the background color and you have an instant facelift; choose a bright yellow for a sunny touch, blues for a beach wedding, or red for love.

6. Love Infinity

Love Infinity | Save the Date Magnets

Use your favorite couple photo for the foundation of Love Infinity and the pretty scripted lettering will do the rest. At first, the elegant flourishes flaring off the V and A in “Save The Date” seem like basic embellishments, but look again and you’ll see they form two infinity symbols, indicating your love is meant to last a lifetime and beyond.

7. Loveswept

Loveswept | Save the Date Magnets

You love your sweetheart so much you’d write it across the sky if you could. Loveswept comes close, scrawling “save the date” across the top of your chosen photo — select a picture of you and your better half against a cloudy sky and you’ve got your wish. Your wedding details are printed below in subtle block script.

8. Because You’re Mine

Because You're Mine | Save the Date Magnets

Art Deco charm and elegant swirling script come together to create Because You’re Mine, a Save the Date Magnet with a double-line frame and plenty of room for a personality-filled photo.

9. Branch Sketch

Branch Sketch | Save the Date Magnets

Who says elegance and rusticity can’t coexist? Branch Sketch is proof that they can. A circle frame puts the spotlight on your photo with further decoration arriving in the form of sketched-out branches and an elegant, slanted font reminding guests to save the date.

10. Simple Portrait

Simple Portrait | Save the Date Magnets

Love is everything. That timeless phrase and your wedding date are the two crucial messages shared by Simple Portrait, a Save the Date Magnet that’s not afraid to ooze romance in an understated but memorable way.

11. Boho Blooms

Boho Blooms | Save the Date Magnets

Welcome to true ’70s elegance. Boho Blooms is a throwback to a decade of love, music, togetherness, and lots of floral displays filled with velvety beige petals and taupe ferns. It’s a neat spin on traditional styling with an arched photo frame for extra pizazz.

12. Entwined Heart

Entwined Heart | Save the Date Magnets

Elegant? Yes. Romantic? Definitely. Guaranteed to make at least a couple guests ooh and aah? You bet. Entwined Heart is really all about two things: your photo and a script overlay that sees “save our date” spelled out and linked by a darling heart situated right in the middle.

13. Modern Initial

Modern Initial | Save the Date Magnets

For couples who equate elegance with couture, black-tie refinement, and an overall sense of chic, there’s Modern Initial. This Save the Date Magnet might seem sparse at first, but the use of oversized initials overlapping your photo and no extraneous text aside from your wedding info makes this design impactful and beautifully precise.

14. Floral Touch

Floral Touch | Save the Date Magnets

With flowers at the corners and lots of white space in between, Floral Touch exudes elegance while still feeling welcoming and full of life. Add foil for a layer of sparkle that will amp up the sophistication exponentially.

15. Spectacular Romance

Spectacular Romance | Save the Date Magnets

The 1920s were a fascinating blend of excess and elegance. Spectacular Romance ditches the excess, but Art Décor vibes and elegance are still here in full force, with rippled geometric decorations flowing from all four corners and your names joined by uber-ornate script.

16. Classic Devotion

Classic Devotion | Save the Date Magnets

One of the most elegant examples of a monogram in our Save the Date collection, Classic Devotion does such a good job weaving together your initials that the letters will likely never come apart — just as it should be. This magnet is also available as a postcard if you’d like to mix and match formats or switch to a lower-postage option for last-minute mailings.

17. Soft Magnolia

Soft Magnolia | Save the Date Magnets

Like turning a sample of vintage luxury wallpaper into wall art, Soft Magnolia uses a large-scale floral print as the background for an inset text block containing all your must-know wedding details. The default earth-tone text is a great fit for an elegant wedding with a touch of boho or rustic charm, or you can switch up the color of the text to shift the vibe toward a garden party wedding or summery brunch reception.

18. Written

Written | Save the Date Magnets

And so it will be Written. Your love is one for the ages, and this Save the Date Magnet does it justice by scrawling a bold yet curvy “we do” across your picture. Your date and names appear in small letters above and below the image, ensuring you communicate key info while still letting the magic that is the happy couple shine bright.

19. Floral Sketch

Floral Sketch | Save the Date Magnets

Tone-on-tone designs almost always feel graceful and elegant, and that’s exactly what’s happening here with Floral Sketch. This Save the Date Magnet is eye-catching because of what it doesn’t have — no bold colors, no thick modern fonts, not even a photograph. Instead, it’s a whisper of sketched floral draped across a beautifully pristine piece of paper with your wedding info discretely displayed below. Magnifique.

20. Painted Majesty

Painted Majesty | Save the Date Magnets

Painters and couples who appreciate the fine arts will be instantly attracted to Painted Majesty. Is it love at first sight? Hard to tell, but it’s definitely a match made in heaven for anyone who appreciates soft swaths of color that seem to float across the face of this elegant Save the Date design.

21. Fabulous Flourish

Fabulous Flourish | Save the Date Magnets

Lights, camera, elegance. Fabulous Flourish looks like it came straight from the desk of royalty. Looping script takes inspiration from ornate calligraphy, while the use of simpler typesets for the introductory text and wedding details below help balance things out. Try out gold foiling to see what this design looks like when you turn the sparkle up to 11.

22. Monogram Bloom

Monogram Bloom | Save the Date Magnets

We love the sheer delicacy of Monogram Bloom. A sketch of a small posy of flowers — with two blooms, of course — separates your initials on the left-hand side of the magnet with your full names and wedding date below. On the right-hand side, there’s space for you to upload a photo of your choice.

23. Elegant Garden

Elegant Garden | Save the Date Magnets

It’s a bird, it’s a plane — no, it’s a huge cascade of stunning white flowers and greenery creating an elegant arch above a scripted “Save the Date” banner and a whole slew of wedding details. Elegant Garden’s simple use of your names followed by “are getting married” gets the point across in a jiffy so your future guests can go back to soaking up the beauty of those big, white blooms.

24. A Lovely Day

A Lovely Day | Save the Date Magnets

It’s a Lovely Day to save the date! Get guests ready for what’s sure to be the wedding of the century with a save the date magnet that keeps things simple yet elegant. Choose a photo with plenty of empty space at the top, because that’s where a scripted “Save the Date” will go, with your names, wedding date, and host city below.

25. Dizzy in Love

Dizzy in Love | Save the Date Magnets

You’re so infatuated with your future spouse it makes your head spin. Dizzy in Love totally gets it, which is why the pretty script looks slightly windblown — but don’t worry, it’s still 100% elegance. Use some quick design trickery or a photo with a stretch of sky across the top to make this pretty graphic stand out even more.

26. Sweetly Scripted

Sweetly Scripted | Save the Date Magnets

Start your black-tie theme early with Sweetly Scripted and a monochrome motif that is all elegance. Oversized cursive lettering brings drama to your names while dot-and-line page dividers add a touch of modernity.

27. Sunset Dream

Sunset Dream | Save the Date Magnets'

Ready to ride off into the sunset? Get your engagement photographer to get some shots of you and your love at dusk. Pair up the result pics with Sunset Dream, a Save the Date Magnet that combines a sweet phrase (“A date to remember”) with a lower overlaid border of sketched flowers, and your vision is complete.

Whatever save the date you choose, remember that what makes your wedding — and your wedding stationery — elegant is just as much about what you believe as it is about what you buy. Elegance comes from within, but boy does it look magnificent when you get it right on paper too.

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