21 Winter Save the Date Magnets for Your Wedding

Winter Save the Date Magnet with gold foil and evergreens

Winter Save the Date Magnets offer a unique alternative to paper Save the Date cards and are the perfect choice to give guests their first hint of your ceremony's theme. The magnetic backing attaches easily to a fridge or filing cabinet, giving your loved one a visible reminder and generating excitement during the months leading up to your wedding. Another benefit of Save the Date Magnets is that family and friends can continue to use them for years to come, making your magnet a tangible memento for all your wedding guests.

21 Save the Date Magnet Designs by Truly Engaging

Whether you're going cozy and intimate or holding a big winter bash to celebrate your union, winter-themed magnets and stationery help set the tone before guests even arrive at the venue. Here are 21 Winter Save the Date Magnets from Truly Engaging that emphasize your festive theme and keep loved ones in the know about essential details of your cold-weather wedding before the invitations go out. Customize your magnets with the date of your wedding, personalized text, photos, and your wedding colors.

1. Festive Celebration

Festive Celebration | Save the Date Magnets

Winter foliage and sprigs of bright red berries showcase the natural beauty of the season, while a bold border around your central photo gives Festive Celebration a hint of contemporary flair. This elegant magnet sets a cozy, cheery tone to make friends and family feel welcome despite the winter chill.

2. Sweet Snowflakes

Sweet Snowflakes | Save the Date Magnets

Casual charm meets the wonders of winter in Sweet Snowflakes. The whimsical snowflakes look almost hand-painted — with edges dipping down onto your photo — and your names in big, bold lettering puts your relationship front and center.

3. Dreamy Sky

Dreamy Sky | Save the Date Magnets

Make your winter wonderland wedding dreams come true with Dreamy Sky. Shimmering gold sparkles add festive charm to an edge-to-edge photo, and the romantic, sweeping font sets just the right tone for an intimate wedding ceremony. 

4. Pinecone Allure

Pinecone Allure | Save the Date Magnets

Petite pine cones and gorgeous greenery give Pinecone Allure a delicate rustic appeal. Perfect for a country winter wedding at the family farmstead or an outdoor wedding at a state or national park, this Save the Date Magnet gets your guests ready for a nature-inspired, woodland wedding.

5. Dashing Date

Dashing Date | Save the Date Magnets

Go big and bold by putting your best snowy kiss photo front and center with Dashing Date, or pick a picture that reflects a few winter wedding ideas you plan to incorporate into your ceremony or reception. Broad top and bottom bands provide plenty of room for your important details.

6. Winter Berries

Winter Berries | Save the Date Magnets

Give your modern winter wedding a hint of sweetness with Winter Berries, a cute, casual take on traditional seasonal themes. Customize the background and text to match your warm or cool seasonal color scheme, and add your engagement photo to the band at the top to personalize the design with an image that's uniquely and unmistakably your style.

7. Winter Floral

Winter Floral | Save the Date Magnets

Icy blossoms and sprigs of seasonal foliage meet sweet berry accents in Winter Floral, a seasonal Save the Date design that sets the tone for a stunning winter wedding. The frosty cool color scheme adds elegance, while the illustrated images give off a comfortable vibe.

8. Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love | Save the Date Magnets

Classic kraft paper and evergreen boughs serve as the inspiration for Everlasting Love, giving this design a classic look perfect for a traditional winter wedding in a gorgeously renovated barn or family homestead. The delicate font and simple round center photo add to the classic, rustic appeal of your elegant winter wedding.

9. Bold Date

Bold Date | Save the Date Magnets

A full edge-to-edge photo design and centered date details in a big, bold font help guests keep your wedding day details in their minds. Simple yet effective, Bold Date is a brilliant choice that keeps the focus on what matters — you, your spouse-to-be, and the exact date you'll be celebrating your wedding with friends and family.

10. Splendid Pines

Splendid Pines | Save the Date Magnets

Keep things simple for your outdoor winter wedding with Splendid Pines. A circle of tiny dots sets off your wedding details, while the full photo background keeps the focus on those special moments in your relationship.

11. Diamond Date

Diamond Date | Save the Date Magnets

Go glamorous with a Save the Date design that celebrates your love with glitzy details and all the information guests need to plan ahead. Diamond Date features big blocks of color where you can add all the essentials and embellishments that ramp up the excitement for your amazing winter wedding.

12. Woodland Wishes

Woodland Wishes | Save the Date Magnets

Soft, subtle evergreen trees and seasonal greenery serve as the backdrop for this winter-themed Woodland Wishes magnet, while white dots scattered around the central photo bring to mind gently falling snowflakes. Ideal for a nature-loving couple, this design helps guests anticipate your windswept mountain lodge wedding or forest-themed event.

13. Evergreen Christmas

Evergreen Christmas | Save the Date Magnets

A simple pine cone motif makes Evergreen Christmas a fun-yet-sophisticated reminder of your upcoming holiday wedding. The central line divides the details about your upcoming wedding into two blocks for an organized look, and the pretty illustration exudes cheery warmth.

14. Gilded Opulence

Gilded Opulence | Save the Date Magnets

Make a dramatic statement for your formal winter wedding with Gilded Opulence. The thick gold border framing your edge-to-edge photo emphasizes the lavish elegance of your upcoming ceremony, and a fanciful script font for your names adds an extra element of upscale romance.

15. Majestic Love

Majestic Love | Save the Date Magnets

Celebrate your upcoming wedding in style with Majestic Love. Your names are written in a bold font, layered over your custom photo, and flanked by the essential details guests need to know before the formal invitations arrive, giving this magnet design a modern multidimensional look.

16. Blocked Date

Blocked Date | Save the Date Magnets

Feature a favorite photo of the two of you with Blocked Date, a design that brings a hint of modern digital life to your winter wedding. The open block font reminds guests of your wedding date at a glance, and you can include your wedding website address to let friends and family RSVP as soon as the invitations go out.

17. Soon to Be

Soon to Be | Save the Date Magnets

Add a vintage touch to a variety of traditional winter wedding themes with Soon to Be, a design that announces "Mr & Mrs" in a fun, looping font over a photo of the two of you. This retro design sets the tone for a winter wedding with plenty of classic elements.

18. Immense Date

Immense Date | Save the Date Magnets

Immerse your guests in excitement and joy with Immense Date, a magnet design that practically shouts, "let's celebrate." The bubbly font makes your upcoming wedding date stand out over an edge-to-edge photo that showcases your relationship.

19. Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits | Save the Date Magnets

Sweet, romantic elements and a blend of fun, casual fonts make Adventure Awaits a great choice for a relaxed winter wedding. There's plenty of room for all the pertinent details over a full-size photo of you and your beloved frolicking in the snow.

20. Fabulous Flourish

Fabulous Flourish | Save the Date Magnets

Swooping swirls bring a glamorous vibe to your upcoming New Year's Day wedding or formal holiday-inspired ceremony with Fabulous Flourish. Simple yet elegant, this gorgeous design provides beautiful wedding inspiration and reminds guests to save the date for your special day while issuing a subtle promise of a night filled with elegant romance.

21. Brushed Confetti

Brushed Confetti | Save the Date Magnets

Tiny silver dots float above your full photo in this Brushed Confetti magnet, creating an illusion of falling snow and getting guests excited about your upcoming winter wedding. Customize the font and add all your details at the bottom to ensure all guests are prepared for your event.

Winter Wedding Photo Ideas

Customizing your Winter Save the Date Magnets with photos of you and your future spouse adds a personal touch to these fun reminders and post-wedding collectibles. If you have time to prepare, you can take pictures up to a year in advance to capture snowy outdoor scenes or backdrops that include holiday lights and decor in your beautiful design. Couples on a tighter schedule can schedule an indoor photo shoot with props and outfits that exude winter charm. Some great winter wedding Save the Date photo ideas include:

  • Kissing in the snow

  • Holding hands as you walk together in a snowy forest

  • Creating snow angels together

  • Skiing together

  • Action shots of a snowball fight

Winter Save the Date FAQs

Why Should You Send Save the Date Magnets?

Save the Date Magnets help guests prepare for your special day in advance, particularly if they have to travel to attend your wedding. One advantage of using magnets is that future wedding guests are likely to keep them on a fridge or in another prominent spot, ensuring that they won't get tossed into a drawer and forgotten.

When Should You Send Your Save the Date Magnets?

For a non-destination wedding, send Save the Date Magnets about 8-10 months before your wedding. If you're hosting a destination wedding, send your magnets at least 10 months ahead of time. Be careful not to mail your magnets too early to avoid any unexpected changes to your plans.

Who Should You Send Your Save the Dates To?

Everyone you plan to invite to your wedding should get a Save the Date Magnet. This includes guests who live in other cities and countries who need time to plan their trip, as well as close family and friends.

Where Can You Buy Winter Save the Date Magnets?

You can order Save the Date Magnets right here at Truly Engaging. All magnets are customizable, so you can change the text, colors, photos, and design to perfectly suit your wedding theme.

Order Custom Winter Save the Date Magnets from Truly Engaging!

Browse Truly Engaging's selection of Save the Date Magnets to find a wedding date reminder your friends and family will keep on their fridge as a reminder of your special day.