21 Beachy Save The Dates for Your Wedding

Beachy save the date on top of seashells

One in every four weddings is considered by experts to be a destination wedding, but you don’t have to fly to a tropical destination to say your I dos with your toes in the sand. Whether you’re getting married close to home on an oceanfront stretch or traveling thousands of miles to an exotic locale, you’ll love these Beachy Save the Dates that are just right for your wedding.

1. Greenery Arch

Greenery Arch | Save the Date Magnets

While Greenery Arch’s curved frame and decorative sprays of greenery don’t give off an overtly beachy vibe, the natural look and feel of the design is definitely outdoor wedding ready. This Save the Date has a bit of a bohemian motif, with muted colors and small, slanted print, adding softness and a distinctly vintage touch. This could be just the right design for couples eager to combine retro outfits and a beachside ceremony.

2. Shore Impression

Shore Impression | Save the Date Magnets

The pure white background that makes up the vast majority of our Shore Impression Save the Date fades into a swirl of blue at the bottom. Is it foamy waves lapping at the shore? The spot where clouds meet the ocean on the horizon? It could be either, or both, but one thing’s for sure: it’s beautiful.

3. Beach Palms

Beach Palms | Save the Date Magnets

Whether you got engaged in the tropics and want to evoke that vacation in your Save the Date or have a destination wedding planned and want to give guests a hint of what’s to come, you’ll love the palm fronds ringing the picture frame at the center of Beach Palms. Add your favorite photo and you’re back in paradise — or ready for the paradise you’re about to create with the love of your life.

4. Beachcomber

Beachcomber | Save the Date Postcards

With room on one side for a picture of you and your beloved and the other side reserved for your wedding details and a beautifully simple starfish graphic, Beachcomber is a Save the Date that straddles the line between personalized and beachy. This design is ideal for couples who are considering a waterfront wedding but prefer a more minimalistic approach to their stationery.

5. Tropical Palms

Tropical Palms | Save the Date Magnets

It’s the tropics, but in pink! Tropical Palms softens the typical boldly colored palm fronds by swapping out vibrant greens for faded pink and blush shades that blend together in a beautiful ombre not unlike a sunset. An off-center photo gives you the option to upload an engagement pic or favorite candid, and your names and wedding date are printed below in easy-to-read block lettering.

6. Tropical Heaven

Tropical Heaven | Save the Date Magnets

Individual coral colonies can live decades or even centuries, with some colonies in deep-sea locales believed to be more than 4,000 years old. It’s a wonderful testament to longevity and life, and a perfect message to accompany this beachy Save The Date. Tropical Heaven features two lengths of coral creeping over the edges of the design, slightly covering the corners of the central photograph for a more organic look.

7. Stamped Palms

Stamped Palms | Save the Date Magnets

Stamped Palms’ ode to all things tropical is so subtle, you might miss it at first. But look closer and you’ll see two cute little palm trees joining your names. The entire background of the design is reserved for your photograph. Go for a beach shot to underscore the theme of this Save the Date or leave a lot of white space — a picture that includes a lot of open sky, for instance — to help the text and palm tree graphic stand out.

8. Nautical Stripes

Nautical Stripes | Save the Date Magnets

Ahoy, lovers! It’s almost time to fling yourselves headfirst into wedding planning. Feeling daunted? It’s okay, you’ll have tons of help, and the rope ringing your wedding details on this Nautical Stripes design should go a long way toward keeping you tethered. Figuratively speaking, at least. The combination of script lettering and a more traditional font makes the design even more dynamic.

9. Enchanting Sea

Enchanting Sea | Save the Date Magnets

It’s time for more coral, but this version of deep-sea magic is infinitely more ethereal. Enchanting Sea is a wash of pastel pinks and purples, with tangles of coral reaching out from the sides to draw attention to the central text. Announce your engagement, share your wedding date and location, and then let potential guests know that invitations to your beachy bash will be on their way ASAP.

10. On The Reef

On the Reef | Save the Date Magnets

On The Reef is vintage-meets-beachy chic. An assortment of earth-toned seashells sits scattered on a neutral background with a big oval text box in the middle ready to hold your names and other essential wedding details. Swap out the color of the shells, text, or background to tweak this Save The Date to match your preferred color scheme.

11. Ethereal Pool

Ethereal Pool | Save the Date Magnets

Cool and contemporary, Ethereal Pool is like a peek-a-boo that gives onlookers a hint at all the secrets the ocean holds. Large swaths of white space make this design look almost like modern art, with your wedding details remaining the central point of focus.

12. Daydreams

Daydreams | Save the Date Magnets

Did you get engaged while at your favorite resort? Do you and your significant other have a house on the beach? Do you picnic on the sand every summer? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you likely have a beach-based photo of you two that would be absolutely perfect for the background of Daydreams. The only additions are an oversized date in lowercase letters and undersized text for your names, ensuring this design truly is all about the happy couple.

13. Salty Kisses

Salty Kisses | Save the Date Magnets

Fresh saltwater taffy. Chalk drawings on the boardwalk. Cotton candy. Kids tossing beach balls as waves lap at the beach. Salty Kisses is an abstract take on everything that’s magical about time spent at the beach. From the stripes of summery colors like sky blue and hot pink layered over sandy brown to fuzzy drawings of seashells, Salty Kisses captures nostalgia and childlike wonder in a way even adults can appreciate.

14. Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze | Save the Date Magnets

Close your eyes. Can you smell the salty sea air, even from hundreds of miles away? Ocean Breeze salutes the best of the beach with stacks of yellow waves and a sketched spiral shell. It’s eye-catching, it’s vibrant, and it’s definitely nautical.

15. Making Waves

Making Waves | Save the Date Magnets

If there’s one color you’d associate with the beach, it would likely be blue. That’s just one reason Making Waves is all about blue tones, with shades of blue, green, and gray coming together to bring a bit of the ocean to your Save The Date. Keep the text a coordinating shade or switch things up for an even greater impact.

16. Nautical Feelings

Nautical Feelings | Save the Date Magnets

Red and white stripes? Check. Plenty of navy blue? Check. A boat wheel in a bold red hue? Check. It’s a showcase of nautical style, which makes sense for a design called Nautical Feelings. This Save The Date is perfect for a beach wedding that includes a ceremony or reception on a boat — or in a boat club — with decorations that echo the maritime motif.

17. A Sea Of Love

A Sea of Love | Save the Date Magnets

Picture perfect. That’s the best way to describe A Sea of Love, a beachy Save the Date that includes a picture of a heart drawn into the sand with the waves slowly unfurling into the frame. It’s sweet, it’s sentimental, and it’s an image you can actually re-create on your wedding day after you say I do.

18. Romantic Shore

Romantic Shore | Save the Date Magnets

Not all beaches are in warm-weather locations where you can lounge in the sand. Romantic Shore swaps out suntans and umbrella-topped cocktails for a lighthouse overlooking the sea. A few abstract ocean birds swoop over your names, with room for your wedding date above and your wedding website just over the water below.

19. Hawaiian Turtle

Hawaiian Turtle | Save the Date Magnets

Sea turtles, called “Honu” in Hawaii, are a sacred part of Hawaiian culture, symbolizing luck, endurance, protection, and longevity. Hawaiian Turtle takes that concept and runs with it, creating a Save the Date that honors Hawaiian culture as well as your impending nuptials.

20. Starfish

Starfish | Save the Date Magnets

Starfish is full of beachy fun. From the oversized starfish graphic awash in a hazy blue filter to your coral-hued names below, every element feels resort-ready — perfect if you think you might get married someplace exotic. The rest of this suite is just as idyllic, with the starfish graphics and coral and dusky blue coloring carried throughout.

21. A Message In A Bottle

A Message in a Bottle | Save the Date Magnets'

Your proposal probably went a little differently than just stumbling across a message that washed ashore, but the sentiment of A Message In A Bottle is so sweet it doesn’t even matter if it’s accurate. It feels festive with a hint of fairytale thanks to the message itself, and there’s lots and lots of beach.

Save the Dates are a wonderful way to announce to the world you’re getting married while cluing in loved ones as to your chosen date. They get to prepare for the celebrations, and you get to kick off the wedding planning process with a theme that speaks to something you and your better half love. For more information, read up on when to send Save the Dates or continue your waterfront theme with these beachy Wedding Invitations.