101 Christmas Card Sayings, Quotes & Wishes

Christmas Card with many sayings

Adding a sweet message to your Christmas Card is part of what makes a holiday greeting so special! There are many ways to approach a greeting. Some people adore a funny phrase paired with a silly family photo. At the same time, others love a darling font that wishes loved ones a joyful Christmas season. These quotes and sayings are perfect for a traditional card delivered to each of your friends and family or a unique card you are handwriting for a loved one. Here are 101 Christmas Sayings, Quotes, & Wishes to inspire you this season!

  1. All is Calm, All is Bright
  2. Baby, It's Cold Outside
  3. Be Merry
  4. Be of Good Cheer
  5. Best. Gift. Ever.
  6. Blessed
  7. Blessed Tidings
  8. Bring on the New Year
  9. Cheers
  10. Cheers to Forever
  11. Cheers to a New Year
  12. Cheers to a Wonderful New Year
  13. Choose Joy
  14. Christmas Wishes
  15. Deck the Halls
  16. Fa La La
  17. Family is the Greatest Gift of All
  18. Finally Together, Best Holiday Ever
  19. Full of Joy
  20. Glad Tidings of Comfort and Joy
  21. Glory to the Newborn King
  22. God Bless You
  23. Happiest New Year
  24. Happiest of Holidays
  25. Happy 2023
  26. Happy Holidays
  27. Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!
  28. Happy Howlidays
  29. Happy New Year
  30. Happy New Year
  31. Have Yourself a Married Little Christmas
  32. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  33. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
  34. Ho Ho Ho!
  35. Holiday Cheer
  36. Holiday Greetings
  37. Home for the Holidays
  38. Hope and Peace
  39. Hugs and Kisses in the New Year
  40. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
  41. It's a Very Married Christmas
  42. It's a Wonderful Life
  43. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  44. JOY
  45. Jolly
  46. Joy and Love
  47. Joy to the World
  48. Joyful Moments
  49. Keep Calm and Jingle On
  50. Laughing All the Way
  51. Let Heaven and Nature Sing
  52. Let Your Heart Be Light
  53. Let it Snow
  54. Love and Laughter
  55. Make Life Merry
  56. Married Christmas
  57. Married and Bright
  58. May Your Days Be Merry and Bright
  59. May Your Days Be Merry and Bright
  60. May the Magic of Christmas Fill You With Delight
  61. Merriest Christmas
  62. Merrily Married
  63. Merry
  64. Merry Christmas
  65. Merry Everything
  66. Merry Everything and Happy Always
  67. Merry Happy Joyful
  68. Merry Merry Merry
  69. Merry Tidings
  70. Merry and Bright
  71. Merry and Married
  72. New Home for the Holidays
  73. New Year Cheer
  74. New Year Greetings
  75. New Year New Home
  76. New Year Newlyweds
  77. New Year and New Dreams
  78. Oh What Fun!
  79. Peace on Earth
  80. Peace to You in the New Year
  81. Peace, Love, and Joy
  82. Rarely Calm, But Very Bright
  83. Season's Greetings
  84. So Very Merry
  85. Softly Snowing Hearts A-Glowing
  86. Star of Wonder
  87. The Happiest Year
  88. The Lord Has Come
  89. Tis the Season
  90. Tis the Season to Sparkle
  91. Unwrap Yourself a Joyful Christmas
  92. Very Merry, Indeed
  93. Warm Winter Wishes
  94. Warmest Wishes
  95. Warmth & Wishes
  96. We Wish You Merry Christmas
  97. Wishing You Happy and Peace This Christmas
  98. Wishing You Joy
  99. Wishing You Joy in the New Year
  100. Wishing You a Happy New Year
  101. Wishing You a Joyous Holiday


We hope these Christmas sayings, quotes, and wishes will leave you excited to design your Christmas card! There are so many fun phrases and photos that allow you to personalize your perfect holiday greeting. Add your style to your card with an expression that reflects your family's personality!