Color Monday: Neutral Wedding Palette

Submitted by lneumann on Monday - February 4, 2013

Happy Color Monday Everyone!

Inspired by our discussion of the Sophisticated color palette, it's time to try a neutral color palette on a few Save the Date designs. With a subdued palette of browns, tans, charcoals and golds, the tone feels classy and upscale. Perhaps a neutral color palette is right for your wedding ...



neutral wedding colors




Neutrals and their association with high quality is undeniable. Think about the colors within a museum--the rich wood flooring, the taupe brown walls, and the marble columns all suggest wealth and prosperity in a very subtle way. Capitalize on this mood for your wedding by using these colors in your bridesmaid dresses, tuxes and of course, your wedding stationery. For instance, using browns in Square Motif Save the Date makes your photo really pop and the damask pattern to become a rich feature of the design.








Neutral grays for wedding colors will also lend a classic quality to your wedding. Using colors with the neutral palette of monuments and historical sites can signify a long lasting marriage. In the Flirty Flourish Save the Date design, the gray becomes the background for the brown to completely shine. Gray has become a very popular wedding color, so not only is it timeless but trendy too: the best of both worlds!







Using the lighter neutrals gives the Classic Allure Save the Date Postcard a lighter feel while maintaining the formality. The soft Ashwood tan and Champagne are so soft and subtle, that they almost whisper of your wedding. It is perfect for an outdoor wedding in the late afternoon. A beautiful tent is decorated with all sorts of tan panels blowing in the warm breeze. The bride is radiant in her dress but no one knows exactly why--it's because the dress is actually slightly off-white so her skin glows.
There are lots of Classic Save the Dates to choose from to get this look started. But don't be afraid if you find something in another category! Every color can be changed to a neutral palette to exude even more formality. If you're a bit closer to your wedding, take a look at our Classic Wedding Invitations that can also be completely personalized. If you're looking for formal designs, browse our Traditional Wedding Invitations.

Are you having a formal wedding? Don't you just love neutrals? Let me know in the comments!

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