Wedding Programs

Wedding Programs

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What to include in a wedding program

What you choose to include in your wedding program is really up to you — after all, it's your day. It can be simple and minimalist or filled with lots of details and information.
A good place to start is with your names, the location of the wedding, and a general outline of the order of events within the ceremony. It's also a good idea to include the names of people participating in the ceremony, including the members of the wedding party, anyone doing a reading, the officiant, and musicians.
Beyond this basic information, you can choose what you do or don't include. You might choose to provide a quick anecdote about how you both met and fell in love, a Bible verse or some meaningful quotes, or your Instagram wedding hashtag. A tribute in memory of deceased family members is also a popular choice, as is a general thank you to all your guests for attending and celebrating with you.

How many wedding programs do I need?

Since wedding programs are often ordered one to two months ahead of time, the guest list might not be finalized by then. To make sure you have enough to go around, count the number of RSVPs you've received so far, add in ones who have not yet replied, then add anywhere between 15-25 on top of that to account for last-minute attendees, such as plus-ones. It'll also make sure you have extras for keepsakes.

Where can I order wedding programs?

Truly Engaging offers a wide selection of wedding programs to match the theme of your big day and your wedding invitations. Whether you prefer beach, floral, botanical, watercolor, or even art deco themes, you can find plenty of choices in our selection.

How to list music in a wedding program

At minimum, include the name of the song paired with each activity, or for more detail, you can also include the original composer. If you're planning to have someone perform a solo at some point, it's a nice gesture to name the singer.
For anyone featuring multiple musicians, you can create a section that lists individual musicians along with their instruments.

What is the order of a wedding reception program?

Just as with most everything else related to your wedding, the order of events at your wedding reception is entirely up to you. The order of some things may depend on logistics, such as if the reception is being held at a different location from the ceremony. But if you're looking for some guidance, some suggestions for the order include:

  • Receiving line
  • Cocktail hour
  • Wedding party introductions and announcements
  • First dance as husband and wife
  • First course
  • Champagne toast and speeches
  • Dinner
  • Wedding cake cutting (usually sometime during the last few hours)

Do I need a wedding program for every guest?

Yes. That's why it's generally a good idea to order extras for last-minute guests.

What if my wedding date has changed?

Sometimes, life throws unexpected things at you and your wedding date has to change. No one likes to think about it happening, but it's good to be prepared for anything. Our customers can make various changes to their designs up until you approve the proof sample for printing. While Truly Engaging is unable to accept returns on personalized products after proof approval, we're here to help. Our team will work with you to make sure you have beautiful stationery for your updated wedding programs.

Why are wedding programs important?

Wedding programs are meant to help guide your guests through the ceremony. Programs are particularly helpful if you are having a lengthier ceremony, empowering your guests to follow along and not get lost. They also serve as a great keepsake, as they outline important details such as who was involved in your wedding ceremony.