Reorder your School Magnets using these three simple steps!

1. Pick Your Design

Decide whether you would like to order the same design as before, or try something new.

New Designs

Browse and select which new design would like to use.

All Designs (same or new)

Write down the Layout Number of your chosen design. (This will speed up the ordering process later.)

What’s a Layout Number?

2. Prepare Your Personalization

Same Personalization

If you are making no personalization changes, you can proceed to Place Your Reorder (Step 3). We will use your personalization on file from your last order.

Please note that calendar dates and legend codes need to be re-entered each year.

New Personalization

Think about the different types of personalization you’d like to change:

Background Color
Decide which background color you want for your design.
View Color Options

Decide which photo(s) or mascot you want to use.


Text Imprints
Determine and verify the information you plan to include (address, phone number, website, etc.).

Legend Codes (Calendars Only)
Check how many categories your design’s legend code allows (varies by design). Decide the name and letter code for each category.

F-First/Final Day

3. Place Your Reorder

Place Your Reorder

It’s time to reorder! You can place your order through our website or by phone.

    Here’s what you will need:
  • Verified quantity
  • Summer contact information
  • Payment information
Reorder Through Our Website
  1. Sign in
  2. Select your design.
    Tip: Quickly find it by entering the Layout Number in the
    search box on the left side of any School page.
  3. Choose your quantity, then click Add to Cart & Personalize.
  4. Click Personalize to add your personalization.
    • Same Personalization
      Simply type this into the Special Design Request box:
      “same color, imprints and images as last year”
    • New Personalization
      Add your personalization changes,
      or describe them in the Special Design Request box.
  5. Click Continue to review your personalization
    and proceed through checkout!

For quick Calendar reorders, fill out our Calendar Order Form.