Sweet Southern Wedding

by: Heidi 6/5/13
1 minute
There's so much loveliness in Jamie and Deon's outdoor Southern wedding--where do we begin? Well, we can start with how stunning Jamie looks in her hand-sewn, sleeved, silver...

Country Engagement Photos

by: Heidi 6/4/13
1 minute
Love in Louisiana! We're eating up the eye candy today from Brandon O'Neal Photography. Basking not only in the beauty of the natural light streaming through the trees and...

Color Monday: Vision of Love Wedding Programs

by: Lindsay 6/3/13
1 minute
Happy Color Monday! It is truly amazing how much the tone and formality of a design can change--simply by changing the colors! Today we're using Vision of Love Wedding...

1920’s Style Engagement Sesh!

by: Heidi 5/31/13
1 minute
The 1920's flapper was full of spunk and unlike the women of the Victorian era, the Flapper smoked, drank, danced and attended extravagant parties. She was sassy. Beginning...

Why Knowing Your Wedding Style is Important

by: Heidi 5/30/13
2 minutes
Right in between talking over your wedding budget and creating your wedding Pinterest boards, lies the enjoyable process of discovering your wedding style! It's super fun and...

First Anniversary Love Shoot

by: Heidi 5/29/13
1 minute
Captured by Australian wedding photographer, Kirralee, I am sincerely hooked on Irene and Kevin's first anniversary session. Obviously still very much in love, we celebrate...