What to Put on the Back of a Save the Date: Creative Tips and Ideas

Save the Date Backside Creative Ideas

When planning a wedding, every detail matters, including the save the date cards. These cards are the first glimpse your guests get into your special day, setting the tone and building excitement. While the front of the card typically showcases the essential information and perhaps a beautiful photo, the back offers a unique opportunity to add a personal touch. This space can be utilized to share your love story, offer travel tips for out-of-town guests, or even include a heartfelt message to your loved ones. By making thoughtful use of this space, you can transform your save the date into a cherished keepsake.

Easy Options for the back of your Save the Date

You have the opportunity to add personal touches and useful information that will make your guests feel special and well-informed. Here are some creative tips and ideas:

Back of a Save the Date - One Great Photo

One Great Photo

When it comes to creating memorable save the dates, simplicity can make a lasting impression. By featuring a single great photo on the back of your save the date, you can convey a powerful message with elegance and clarity. This approach draws attention to a moment that captures the essence of your relationship, whether it’s a candid shot of laughter, a serene landscape from a cherished location, or a beautifully composed portrait. The photo provides a personal touch, making the save the date not just an announcement but a keepsake. By choosing one exceptional photo, you ensure that your save the date stands out, creating anticipation and joy for your special day.

Back of a Save the Date - Thoughtful Passage

Thoughtful Passage

When you include text on the back of a save the date card, you can communicate directly with your guests. Whether you add a simple line like "formal invitation to follow", a quote you both love, or write out your love story, you are conveying the importance of the occasion. It's a subtle way to build anticipation and ensure that your guests mark their calendars. Sharing thoughtful words can enhance the overall impression of your event from the very beginning.

Back of a Save the Date - QR Code

QR Code

In today's digital age, adding a QR code to the back of a Save the Date card is a brilliant way to blend tradition with technology. This small addition can significantly enhance the guest experience by providing a seamless way for them to access important event details. Instead of struggling with URLs or search queries, guests can simply scan the QR code with their smartphones. This can instantly direct them to a wedding website, RSVP page, or even a personalized video message from the couple. It’s a modern touch that demonstrates thoughtfulness and convenience. Including a QR code ensures that your guests have all the information they need at their fingertips, making the journey to your special day even more enjoyable.

Back of a Save the Date - Monogram


Adding a monogram to the back of a save the date is a wonderful way to infuse a personal touch and elevate the overall design of your wedding stationery. The combination of the couple's initials can be styled to match the theme and color scheme of your wedding. This small but meaningful detail not only adds a sense of sophistication but also serves as a memorable keepsake for your guests. Whether you opt for a classic, intricate design or a modern, minimalist approach, a monogram can beautifully reflect your unique personalities and set the tone for your special day right from the start.

Back of a Save the Date - Photo Collage

Photo Collage

Adding a photo collage to the back of a save the date is a fantastic way to infuse your announcement with a personal touch. This creative addition allows you to share snapshots of your journey as a couple, showcasing cherished memories and milestones. A thoughtfully arranged collage can tell a beautiful story, giving your guests a glimpse into your relationship and the moments that led to your engagement. It also makes your save the date unique and memorable, setting the tone for the celebration to come. Whether you choose candid shots over time, professional photos, or a mix of both, a photo collage adds warmth and personality, making your save the date not just a reminder, but a keepsake.

Back of a Save the Date - Magnet


Instead of sending out a paper save the date card, consider ordering a save the date magnet that guests can easily display on their fridge. That way, your save the date will always be right where they can see it, and they'll never lose the details of your wedding. They can enjoy your beautiful smiles every time they walk into the kitchen.

Save the Date backside options

Share more with Guests

When you are sending out save the date cards, it is a lot of fun to decorate the back of the cards with a little something extra to share with your guests. You can include more than just your names and the date, and enrich the lives of your friends and family with this personal touch.