Funny RSVP Wording

RSVP cards with Funny Games wording

While formality often reigns in the wedding world, injecting a dose of humor into your RSVP wording can be a delightful and unexpected twist. The art of crafting witty and amusing responses has become more and more popular, adding a touch of personality to every element of wedding planning. In this blog post, we'll delve into the realm of funny RSVP wording, exploring creative ways to express acceptance, regrets, and the oh-so gray area in between!

Joking around

____ Yes. You can bet your bottom dollar, we're attending!
____ No. But if you send us your bottom dollar, we'll attend.
____ Just kidding about above statement.  We still won't be attending.
____ We don't bet. And, we still can't attend.

____ Happily attend
____ Regrettably decline
____ Resentfully attend
____ Eagerly decline
____ Will decline to respond but ultimately will attend

____ Yes! We are SO there.
____ Sorry! Can’t make it.
____ Can’t commit. But I’ll probably show up anyways!

____ Heck Yeah! We’ll be there!
____ Bummer, we can't make it

____ Sweet
____ Bummer

_____ YAY
_____ NAY

_____ ready to dance
_____ oops, my dance card is full

RSVP with French humor

Répondez S'il Vous Plait
____ I don't speak French, but if you want to know if we're coming... YES!
____ Pardon my French.  We no can come.

No-nonsense New Yorker response:

____ Yeah, I'll be there. What's it to ya?
____ Sorry, I got a thing.

Minnesota nice response:

____ You betcha! We'll be there with bells on.
____ Oh, geez, sorry, but we can't make it.

____ Oh, sure thing! Jeepers we’re excited!
____ SO sorry, got a thingamajig going on.

How they say it in the South:

____ Absolutely! We'd be tickled pink to be there.
____ Bless your heart, but we can't make it.

For a Texas wedding:

____ Y'all invited us, and we're fixin' to be there!
____ Sorry, got caught in a Texas-sized rainstorm! Woo-wee.

For a Valentines Day wedding:

____ Roses are red, violets are blue, we'll be there, just for you!
____ Sorry, my schedule is heartbreakingly full.

RSVP cards with Funny Garden wording

RSVP for a garden wedding

____ Come rain or shine... we'll be there!
____ Very sorry. Out of sunscreen and umbrellas!

RSVP to a country wedding

____ Yes! We'll be there y'all... boots chaps and cowboy hats.
____ No! Got a hitch in my giddy-up from squatting on my spurs.

RSVP for a casual wedding

____ Yes! We are SO there.
____ Sorry! Can't make it.
____ Can't commit. But I'll probably show up anyways!

Destination RSVP Wording

RSVP cards with Funny Beach wording

____ Yes, counting the waves
____ Sorry, allergic to sand

____Yes! Counting the waves
____Sorry, we’re in over our heads!

____ Come rain or shine... we’ll be there!
____ Very sorry. Out of sunscreen and umbrellas!

____ Can’t wait to blaze trails with you
____ Sadly, all booked up.

____Yes! We’re able to move the mountain
____Cannot, having trouble moving the mountain!

____ It’s definitely in the cards
____ Sorry, out of luck that day

____ Deal me in
____ Sitting out

____ Green light! We can make the trip!
____ Red light! We'll have to pass.

Adding a little bit of humor to your RSVP Cards is a game changer. After all, why settle for the ordinary when you can make your wedding truly yours! You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine.