15 Elegant Wedding Invitation Options for YOUR Wedding

elegant wedding invitation sitting on a table decorated with babies breath

What makes a wedding elegant?

Most people agree that to be elegant, something has to be pleasing to the eye, graceful, and stylish. There’s a certain amount of taste involved, but what exactly that tasteful, stylish refinement looks like is entirely subjective. Much like beauty, elegance is in the eye of the beholder.

That’s why our list includes a variety of elegant wedding invitation designs that run the gamut from monochromatic to colorful, from simple to ornate. Whether you’re planning an elegant backyard wedding or an upscale indoor soiree, there’s an invitation here to help complete your vision.

1. Charming Monogram

From the gilded laurel surrounding the stately monogram to the sweeping text used to display your names, Charming Monogram is elegance personified. Choose from three styles — rectangle, pocket, and folded all-in-one — and personalized with your details. The abundance of white space makes this a crisp, clean design that still comes across as pretty and refined. Feel free to customize by switching the accent colors (currently a matte gold) to match the rest of your wedding scheme.

Charming Monogram | Pocket Invitations

2. Simple Luxury

Like an antique picture frame, Simple Luxury features a large oval border with offset flourishes that help highlight your names and wedding details. Clue guests into your wedding date, venue location, and other key info as they enjoy the elegant font and careful color choices that set the scene for your equally elegant wedding.

Hint: Check out the bracket-shaped invite for even more visual interest and charm.

Simple Luxury | Rectangle Invitations

3. Whispering Feather

With soft flourishes of pale pastels flowing across its pages, Whispering Feather feels just as light and airy as the name suggests. It’s a calm, peaceful design that feels elegant and understated. Perfect for a wide range of settings including a beach wedding at a five-star resort, a brunch reception, or an all-out black-tie ballroom bash, Whispering Feather delivers subtlety without even a hint of banality.

Whispering Feather | Rectangle Invitations

4. Classic Violet

Classic Violet is all about Victorian Florals. The faint purple pattern forms a solid square border around the entirety of the rectangular invitation and covers the back of the invite from edge to edge. Choose the folded/pocket version and the enclosure cards come with coordinating pale purple frames sporting beveled edges that add their own touch of elegance.

Though the name of the invitation suite seems to dictate the color, you can actually switch things up, perhaps going more metallic with a matte silver or trying out pale shades of peach, celadon green, or antique blue.

Classic Violet | Rectangle Invitations

5. Fine Floret

Elegant meets modern meets minimalism with Fine Floret, a design that uses an understated wash of color and sketched flowers to bring your vision of a refined wedding day to life. Keeping to mostly lowercase text dials back the formality just a touch without sacrificing sophistication, and the split monogram on the envelope flap is a memorable way to showcase your paired-up initials for what might be the very first time.

Fine Floret | Pocket Invitations

6. Lace It Up

Does your idea of elegance include plenty of lace? If so, you’re in luck, because Lace It Up combines oodles of lace-inspired designs with swirling line work and a complementary damask pattern. The result is an invite that somehow effortlessly brings together touches of country chic with vintage line-like textures for a warm, elegant piece of stationery that’s totally unique.

Lace It Up | Rectangle Invitations

7. Love Infinity

This all-in-one wedding invitation delivers all the necessary paperwork to your guests in one fell swoop and saves you tons of envelope stuffing while looking endlessly elegant in the process. Oversized block letters proclaim, “WE DO,” while your names play peek-a-boo for just the right amount of playfulness.

Check out the matching Love Infinity reception items and carry the infinity-inspired swoosh throughout your venue — the simple yet elegant motif is eye-catching but also works well with almost any other colors and décor, so you can grab your invitations now and decide on table cloths, flower arrangements, and fabric backdrops later.

Love Infinity | All-in-One Wedding Invitations

8. Gentle Touch

Here come the watercolors! Gentle Touch is a cloud of color topped with elegant sloping script and just enough text to ensure your guests know what’s happening, where to be, and when. We love the option to add raised foil — a hint of metallic shimmer peeking through the pastel clouds is the kind of mesmerizing magic everybody needs on their wedding day.

Gentle Touch | Pocket Invitations

9. Damask Elegance

Pocket-style wedding invitations are known for their convenience and practicality thanks to having directions, accommodation details, RSVP cards and more all tucked into the invitation itself. But Damask Elegance proves that practical can also be beautifully elegant. The ornate damask embellishments adorn the envelope as well as the inside of the invite, with larger versions of the pattern repeated on the enclosure cards.

Damask Elegance | Pocket Invitations

10. Forever Exquisite

Another example of damask done right, Forever Exquisite brings this old-school design element into the modern world by adding bold colors, squared-off fonts, and angled lettering. But don’t worry, the elegance is still there, especially with delicate cursive providing a soft counterpoint, and you can always tone down the regal purple to a more muted shade if that feels more in tune with your big day.

Forever Exquisite | Rectangle Invitations

11. Royal Wedding

Charles and Diana. William and Kate. Harry and Meghan. Eugenie and Jack. Frederik and Mary. Felipe VI and Letizia. These regal couples all had fairytale weddings complete with plenty of pomp, circumstance, and elegance, so it only makes sense that this Royal Wedding invitation would have a similarly majestic vibe. The curves of the bracket-shaped invitation look like a royal banner and the presence of a gilded crown really drives home the message that this is one ceremony fit for a sovereign.

Royal Wedding | Shaped Invitations

12. Foremost Formal

Upscale weddings require an invitation that feels equally sophisticated. Foremost Formal fits the bill perfectly. The monochromatic design is polished and ready to impress. Font choices are kept simple with classic block text conveying the majority of the important wedding day information and you and your sweetheart’s names in bold, romantic script.

Customize the accents to add a splash of color or go all-out and color block the background or reverse of the invite with your favorite hue.

Foremost Formal | Rectangle Invitations

13. Charming Lavender

Classic, elegant, and sophisticated — that’s how our design experts describe Charming Lavender’s delicate swirls and flourishes that work together to frame you and your beloved’s names. Off-center variations on the frame-like central design are used to separate the greeting and your wedding date, so guests can spot the particulars of your big day right off the bat.

There’s a hint of storybook romance to this suite — as in you can totally imagine Cinderella and her Prince Charming sending out a similar version to friends and family across the land.

Charming Lavender | Pocket Invitations

14. Enchanted Bliss

Enchanted Bliss delivers a bounty of colorful flowers while still maintaining the sense of elegance you want for your wedding. Clusters of watercolor blooms and sprigs of greenery hug the edges of a sketched oval frame that holds your greeting, names, wedding date, and venue details. This design might be a fitting choice for a vintage-themed wedding or nuptials held in a botanical garden, tearoom, or other elegantly sweet setting.

Enchanted Bliss | Rectangle Invitations

15. Poetic Bloom

Sometimes the elegance of a design lies in the simplicity. That’s the case with Poetic Bloom, a suite steeped in minimalism. A sweet hand-drawn flower sits front and center followed by your name as well as your soon-to-be spouse’s and all the relevant details about your upcoming celebration.

The folded and all-in-one pocket invitation versions of Poetic Bloom carry the drawn decorations across the enclosure cards and the outside of the envelopes, using leafy sprigs and meandering vines to display your style.

Poetic Bloom | Pocket Invitations'

Finally fallen in love with a design suite for your wedding stationery? Now it’s time to figure out what to write inside. Check out our expert guide to wedding invitation wording to make sure you get your invites just right.