Tips Before You Pick Out Your Wedding Color Palette

So many decisions to make! One of the first (and maybe hardest!) decisions of wedding planning is picking out the perfect wedding color palette. Color sets the mood and vibe for your wedding day, so it's a super important step in the planning process. And well, there are millions of colors and combinations to pick from (and you probably don't want wedding colors that you have already seen 100 times), so that doesn't make it any easier.

Well, you know how much we live for color and how much our designers love crafting up fantastic new palettes, so we're here to help! Here are five factors that can rein you in before you land on your final wedding color palette. 

5 Things to Consider Before Picking Your Wedding Color Palette

venue space with wedding color palette

1. Your venueIt's a good idea to wait on a color palette until after you've booked the venue(s).You might find it helpful to scope out the colors within the interior (or even exterior) of your venue. Check out the colors already present in the décor, furniture, outdoor gardens, scenery, etc. Tented receptions, venue halls, and other neutral spaces make it simpler to create a palette from scratch. Places like hotels or country clubs—not so much. You obviously don't have to limit yourself to matching the colors of the venue spaces, but rather coming up with a wedding palette that complements and hopefully doesn't clash. 

bridal bouquet showing peach and pink wedding color palette

2. Wedding day themeSince color can affect our mood and emotions, it's a good idea to factor in how different colors will make you (and your guests) feel on the big day. And of course this ties in very closely with the style of your wedding. Is it elegant vintage or boho chic? Your answer will definitely factor into your wedding color palette. Pale peach and bright mauve may not tie so much into a a formal wedding, but would perfectly complement a vintage garden wedding, for instance. 

Before You Pick Out Your Perfect Wedding Color Palette ...

3. What flatters youIt's your wedding day, so by all means don't be afraid to put yourself first! Depending on your attire, you'll be donning at least one of your wedding colors on your wedding day (flowers, shoes, or even your dress), so it can be helpful to think about the hues that are the most flattering with your skin  tone. Pale peach might wash you out, while olive green brings out your golden honey skin tone. So knock peach out of the mix if it isn't doing you justice (or save it as an accent for your reception tables only). Don't forget about your SO and wedding party, too! They probably have a variety of hair colors and skin tones, so consider adding at least one color to your palette that has everyone (and you) looking their best.

beach scene showing inspiration for wedding color palette

4, Memories with your SO Your wedding day should be all about uniqueness and personalization. Draw color inspiration from your past, including childhood memories and time spent together. Take a walk down memory lane. Was there an event or experience you had as a couple that evokes a wonderful memory? Maybe your favorite hobby together is hiking through the northern woods, so a wedding palette of organic browns and greens suits you perfectly. Or is your favorite vacation spot in the Caribbean? A sophisticated palette of pale blue and sandy beige or burnt orange and aqua from a beachy sunset will bring you right back!

Couple in back of truck with fall wedding color palette  5. The season Every season offers up a kaleidoscope of beautiful color possibilities and on-trend color combos! Certain color combos also just lend themselves to particular times of the year. Jewel tones with warm oranges and yellow for fall, pastels and blush pink for spring, or navy and copper for winter ... you get the picture. Look to our wedding color trends for seasonal on-trend inspiration! Also look to the holidays for inspiration. Don't be afraid to incorporate the associated colors into your wedding day aesthetic—like metallic gold and black for New Years or blush pink and burgundy for Valentine's Day. Just keep don't go overboard so that it doesn't take away to uniqueness of your day.

Just think, once you’ve decided on your colors, all of the other details will fall into place—flowers, stationery, wedding party attire, table linens, and more!