Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

by: Corrie 9/24/21
7 minutes
A wedding planner can be part fairy godmother, part logistical magician. They have the ability to turn dreams into reality and can wrangle a spreadsheet with one hand tied...

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding?

by: Corrie 9/14/21
7 minutes
One of the issues couples fight over leading up to their wedding day is money. Weddings are pricey enough to begin with, but it’s easy for dreams to overtake reality...

17 Modern Wedding Invitation Options for YOUR Wedding

by: Corrie 9/10/21
6 minutes
One look at Pinterest and anyone can see that wedding styles run the gamut from ultra-traditional to super modern. While some couples long for tables draped in lace and burlap...

15 Fall Wedding Program Styles for YOUR Wedding

by: Corrie 9/3/21
6 minutes
October is officially the most popular season to get married, with 36% of couples deciding to tie the knot at some time in autumn. Maybe there’s something about sweater...

How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding?

by: Corrie 8/26/21
6 minutes
Creating the guest list for your wedding often feels more difficult than finding your one true love. After all, while falling in love may take time, it’s just two people...

15 Creative Wedding Invitation Options for YOUR Wedding

by: Corrie 8/23/21
5 minutes
From flowers to hearts and all kinds of lacey borders in between, there are certain elements you expect to see in a wedding invitation. Those traditional designs are gorgeous...