25 Romantic Save the Date Magnets for YOUR Wedding

by: Corrie 3/14/22
7 minutes
American author Carolyn Gold Heilbrun once said, “Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” That sounds absolutely lovely, so it’s not...

Did Your Wedding Date Change? 21 Change the Dates to Send in 2022

by: Corrie 3/11/22
8 minutes
Someone else has scheduled their wedding for the same weekend. Your chosen venue suddenly becomes unavailable. A VIP guest like your darling great-grandma can’t make your...

Which Save The Date Style Fits You?

by: Lindsay 3/10/22
8 minutes
You have your own personal style and so does your spouse-to-be. How can you funnel your go-to aesthetic into wedding stationery that suits both the occasion and your vision of...

When Should Wedding Guests RSVP By?

by: Lindsay 3/10/22
8 minutes
How Far in Advance Should Guests Be Requested to RSVP? When we talk about a wedding RSVP, we’re actually borrowing from the French phrase repondez s'il vous plait, which means...

How to Upload Your Own Save the Date Design to Truly Engaging

by: Corrie 3/8/22
8 minutes
It used to be that you only had three choices for designing save the dates: buy a ready-made design, spend thousands to hire a graphic designer and professional printer to...

Do My Save the Dates Need to Match My Wedding Invitations?

by: Corrie 3/4/22
8 minutes
Wedding planning is full of choices, but one question is particularly important when you kick off your search for the perfect wedding stationery: Do your save the dates need...